Here is a little about me.

Guru Koushik Senthil Kumar

engineer | designer
Email : guru.koushik@gmail.com
Phone : +91 86100 56550

Hello! Welcome to my portfolio. I am a senior undergraduate student in the Department of Engineering Design at Indian Institute of Technology Madras. I have been an automobile enthusiast for as long as I remember. My undergraduate major sits in the sweet spot between product design and automobile engineering thus proliferating my love for automobiles, art, and engineering. I aspire to be an industry researcher in the domain of autonomous vehicles, clean energy powered transportation and would love to play a part in the upcoming age of widespread automation.

I have been very lucky to be surrounded by extraordinary faculty and peers and have had the opportunity to explore a lot of my interests including but not limited to Autonomous Vehicle Systems, Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Automobile Safety Systems and Reinforcement Learning. There was no dearth of opportunities to hone my EQ, creativity and people skills as a member of the Campus Recruitment, Extra Mural Lectures and Cultural Fest’s Graphic Design teams.

When I am not loaded with coursework and assignments, I keep myself occupied with a sketchpad, an acoustic guitar, and Netflix. My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is ISFP (Introverted obServant Feeling Prospecting). I thoroughly enjoy a well-written non-fiction book and occasionally treat myself to a Wodehouse or Sidney Sheldon. I’m obsessively compulsive in making my work look good and strongly agree with the stranger who said: “Design won’t save the world but it damn sure makes it look good”.

Education & Achievements

Here is my educational history.

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

B.Tech & M.Tech, Engineering Design

Specialization : Automotive Engineering
Merit cum Means Scholarship Awardee
Minor Stream : Operations Research
Activities : Institute Placement Team Coordinator, Strategist for Extra Mural Lectures, Saarang Design Coordinator
NSO Basketball - IITM Chapter

Maharishi Vidya Mandir Chennai

Class XII, Math, Sci & Comp. Sci

Central Board of Secondary Education
Placed in top 1% in the Country
IITJEE Mains - Rank 896 among 1,500,000
IITJEE Advanced - Rank 5973 among 150,000
Awarded INSPIRE Scholarship - 400,000 INR by the Government of India
Academic Proficiency Award 2012-2014

J.S.S International School Ootacamund

Class X, Math, Sci & Comp. Sci

Central Board of Secondary Education
Awarded the Best Outgoing Student of JSSIS
Guitar Grade 1 - Trinity College London
Placed 1st in the district level art and collage competitons in The Niligiris
Academic Proficiency Award 2008-2012

Professional Experience

Here is a list of my professional experiences.

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Graduate Teaching Assistant
June 2018 - Present

Teaching Assistant for the graduate course 'ED5160 - Fundamentals of Automotive Systems' offered in the Department of Engineering Design by Prof. Shankar Ram. Responsible for evaluation of assignments.

Bosch Limited

Research & Development Intern
December 2017 - May 2018

Developed a hybrid electric powertrain simulation method and evaluated fuel consumption benefit for eight hybrid powertrain topologies for a cargo three wheeler vehicle. Developed various energy management strategies.

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Undergraduate Research Intern
May 2018 - July 2018

Developed a path planning algorithm for autonomous ground vehicles with non holonomic constraints and obstacle avoidance capabilities traversing the optimal path while moving forward and backward.


Here are some things I'm good at.


Arduino, 8051




Autodesk Inventor
IPG CarMaker


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign


English (Proficient)
Tamil (Proficient)
Hindi (Intermediate)
German (Basic)


Here is the list of courses I have done.

Artificial Intelligence Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning
Automotive Vehicle Dynamics, Automotive Engines & Systems, Structural Design of Vehicles, Control of Automotive Systems
Design Functional and Conceptual Design, Computer Modelling of Machine Elements, Mechanics and Design of Mechanisms, Human Factors in Design, Detail Design, Design for X, Biomimetic Design
Systems & Control Control Systems, Modern Control Theory, Adaptive and Optimal Control, Linear Dynamical Systems
Operations Research Fundamentals of Operations Research, Advanced Operations Research, Computer Simulation
General Engineering Engineering Mechanics, Macromolecules as Engineering Materials, Engineering Drawing, Basic Electrical Engineering, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, Analog and Digital Circuits, Geometric Modelling and CAD, Mechanics of Deformable Solids, Manufacturing Science, Deformation and Failure of Engineering Materials, Electrical Sciences, Finite Element Methods for Design, Introduction to Field and Service Robotics, Structural Dynamics and Vibration, Mechatronics System Design, Introduction to Computation & Visualisation
Mathematics Calculus , Solutions to Ordinary Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Partial Differential Equations and Numerical Methods
Labs Physics Lab, Electronics Lab, Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab, Product Design Lab I & II, Controls Lab, Automotive Systems Lab, Vehicle Dynamics Lab
General Education Graphic Art I & II, Technology Invention and Innovation, Life Skills, Physics I & II, Life Sciences, Ecology and Environment, History of Art and Art Appreciation, Principles of Economics, Professional Ethics, German


Here are some projects that I have worked on.

Emergency Stairs

Product Design

Hybrid A*


Pudica Touch

Product Design



Lumbar Support

Product Design

Leapfrog Robot

Systems & Control

Predictive Control

Systems & Control

Lane Assist